On Tap

Viking Drafts

* We do not fill growlers

* We do not serve flights

Fruit Punch Quencher

12oz | $8    5oz | $4.50   

Gusher Crusher Daily Drinker

12oz | $8    5oz | $4.50   

Gusher Crusher Pebbly Fruit

12oz | $8    6oz | $4.50   

Peep This Blueberry

12oz | $8    5oz | $4.50   

Viking Bottles

(Available to Public)

A Viking Can Fill (All Current Viking Drafts except stouts)


16 oz. Can of any Viking Draft

Viking Stout Fill


Soft Drinks

Can of Soda Pop


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mt Dew and Sierra Mist available



Cool blue, fierce grape, fruit punch available



Guest Drafts

Boneflower Craft Mead - Cherry Torte


Sweet Mead with Cherry, Madagascar Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Graham Cracker 14% ABV

Boneflower Semi Sweet Pear Cider

12oz | $9    5oz | $5   

Jester King - BA Black Atrial


Aged in a blend of Balcones Bourbon Barrels and Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels. To make Black Atrial they brewed a batch of Original Black Metal Imperial Stout. After Primary fermentation with English Ale Yeast in a Stainless Steel Tank, they Added 6 pounds per gallon of Raspberries. They sourced the Raspberries from the same farm in Washington that they use for Atrial Rubicite.

Guest Package

450 North Can


Miller High Life 12oz Can


The Champagne of Beers 4.6% ABV