On Tap

Our Beers

Blue Hard Candy - 4.5%

Berliner Weisse with Blue "Hard Candy" flavors

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

Blueberry Pomegranate - 4.5%

Berliner Weisse with Blueberry Pomegranate flavors

6oz | $4.5    12oz | $8

Orange Cream Hard Candy - 4.5%

Berliner Weisse with Orange Dreamsicle flavors

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

Fruit Punch - 4.5%

Berliner Weisse with Fruit Punch flavors

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

Blueberry Marshmallow - 4.5%

Berliner Weisse with Blueberry and Marshmallow flavors

6oz | $4    12oz | $8

BOP It - 4.5%

Indiana Weisse with Banana Hard Candy and Pineapple and Orange flavors

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

Your Soul Is Mine - 5%

Sour Ale Aged On Boneflower Red Soul Raspberries, French Oak Chips, Madagascar Vanilla Beans with Wildflower Honey

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

Gusher Crusher Strawberry Swirl - 4.2%

Smoothie Style Hard Seltzer with Strawberries and Vanilla Soft Serve

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

Guest Beers

3 Floyds Gumballhead - 5.6%

An American wheat ale brewed with white wheat and dry hopped with hand-selected hops from the Yakima Valley.

6oz | $3    12oz | $5

Virtue Cherry Cider - 5%

Our Michigan Cherry blends last year's harvest of Michigan apples from local orchards that is aged in French oak barrels. We then add fresh-pressed juice from Michigan cherries

5oz | $3    10oz | $5

Untitled Art Double Chocolatey Fudge Brownie Stout - 11.7%

heavy chocolatey fudgy boozy stout

5oz | $4    10oz | $7

Revolution Honey Jacket - 13.2%

Revolution’s only permanent residents (residing in nine hives on the brewery’s roof) have been pollinating local flora and producing honey for the past year. Not to be outdone, our brewers selected a crop of eighteen-month-old bourbon and rye whiskey barrel-aged English Barleywines to imbue with the bees’ golden elixir.

3oz | $4    6oz | $7

Prarie Artisan Ales - 10.8%

Collaboration with The Open Bottle. Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Sugar. Warm up this winter with our newest stout, You Gotta Horchata! This treat is packed with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar and will satisfy your craving whether it's sweet or boozy!

5oz | $4    10oz | $7

Hoosier Supefruits Tangerine - 5%

This brew showcases the amazing Tangerine fruit. It is not to to tart or too sweet. Tons of tangerine fruit have been added to a stellar sour base to bring you a very refreshing fruited sour.

6oz | $5    12oz | $9

450 North Slushy XL Sunburst

Orange, Sweet Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, and Starbursts

6oz | $5    12oz | $9

2Toms Hypersonic Daydream - 7.2%

Triple Dry Hopped Expressive IPA brewed with Columbus and Citra hops. We use a unique yeast strain to highlight aromas of peach and stone fruit.

6oz | $4    12oz | $7

Revolution DDH Galaxy Hero - 8%

Galaxy-Hero enters the cosmic hop singularity and emerges with a shimmering haze and a double raygun blast of Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe, and BRU1. Six pounds per barrel of dry hopping explode into a juicy constellation of tropical fruit and citrus notes. A balanced, refreshing finish keeps you coming back for yet another trip into awe-inspiring orbit

6oz | $4    12oz | $7

Pabst Blue Ribbon - 4.8%

This is the original Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Nature's choicest products provide its prized flavor. Only the finest of hops and grains are used. Selected as America's Best in 1893

12oz | $3

450 North Slushy Baby Master

pear, like, passionfruit, and watermelon

6oz | $5    12oz | $9

Funk Factory Peach Meerts - 4.5%

Meerts is our take on the style of beer traditionally derived from the second runnings of Lambic. Our modern interpretation begins with Pilsner malt, raw wheat, and Saaz hops, which is brewed using a turbid mash and long boil, and fermented in French oak foeders with our wild yeast. This version was then refermented on peaches for two months prior to bottle conditioning

6oz | $4.50    12oz | $8

450 North Terp Slerp Slushy XL

Fruited Sour - Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Nerds Candy, with Blue Raspberry and Watermelon Terpenes

6oz | $5    12oz | $9

450 North Heady Cup

Collector's Cup Fruited Sour - Banana, Peach, Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Starfruit

6oz | $5    12oz | $9

450 North Dank Mango

Fruited Sour - Mango, Mango Gelato, Vanilla Cream, and Mango Terpenes

6oz | $5    12oz | $9

Maplewood Brewery Brunch Punch Fruit Punch - 4%

Sour ale with strawberry, pineapple, cherry, and tangerine (with A HINT OF LACTOSE)

6oz | $4    12oz | $7